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PaperFunds Fundraising Ideas Help You Earn Strong Profits!

For more detail on each of our programs profits, Please see the individual pages for profits:

Practical Product Fundraising

Trash Bag Fundraiser

Battery Fundraiser

Toilet Paper Fundraiser

Low Prices!  Strong Profit Fundraisers!

Why don’t we get 50% on every item like some other fundraising programs?

PaperFunds programs focus on your bottom line, not on percentages.

What would you rather have?  50% of a $1 candy bar ($.50) or 20% of a $50 case of toilet paper ($10)?  

By charging your supporters fair prices on products they actually need, you'll have higher sales and happy supporters willing to run the program with you repeatedly.

We don't mark our products up by 2 to 5 times like many of our competitors.  You will be more successful selling more product to more people at fair prices than overcharging a few.

PaperFunds Pre-Sell / Order Taker Programs

PaperFunds is a pre-sell program (although you can buy it upfront if you desire).  You take orders from your supporters (at the "Supporter Price" above), collect the money, and then buy from us (at the "Organization Price" above) and keep your profits.

For example:  You pre-sell a case of Big Roll Toilet Tissue to your supporters for $50 and then buy it from us for $40 and keep the profit of $10.

It's easy to see how profits add up when you're simply selling products everyone has to buy anyway!


Are there any hidden fees or costs?

Absolutely Not!  Delivery (with a $3,000 minimum order), order forms, marketing materials, and prize programs are paid for by PaperFunds.  You collect the money for your orders before you place your order with us.

High Profits Without Overcharging Your Supporters

Our goal is to make your supporters comfortable they have received a useful product at a fair price without being exploited.

This results in high participation and repeat sales.

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Strong Profits!