Why We Created Paperfunds

PaperFunds – A Uniquely Sensible Way to Raise Money


PaperFunds was created by Joe and Sam Kuipers, a husband and wife team with three kids of their own in schools and sports. They created PaperFunds in response to a growing frustration among parents who have been asked to overpay for cookie dough, wreaths, wrapping paper, candy bars, and other unhealthy or unwanted products to benefit their local schools and other organizations.

All of these other fundraising concepts share two common characteristics. One, they earn profits by overcharging the supporters and sharing some of that “overage” with the organization, and two, they sell products that no one really needs or wants.  In both cases, the sale leaves the supporters feeling exploited and reluctant to repeat their participation.  The fundraiser’s success is based solely on the enormous good will of the supporters who are willing to be exploited for a good cause.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

PaperFunds sells things everybody needs and wants at fair prices while earning strong profits for your organization.

Your supporters will save money on something they are planning to buy anyway, and will be happy to repeat the sale during your next drive.  This is a practical fundraiser.

Why Trash Bags, Batteries, and Paper Products?


USEFUL – Who doesn’t use all of them?

NECESSARY – Your supporters are already planning to buy it. All you need to do is to ask them to buy it from you

NONPERISHABLE – Easily stored products that people keep in large supply and can buy extra for later

DISPOSABLE – Your supporters will need to be re-supplied multiple times per year

Team PaperFunds Vander

It’s So Easy!

What Makes Us Different?

A Unique and Sensible Approach


You sell quality products your supporters need at money saving prices, helping to eliminate fundraiser burnout.
Different but complementary items are sold at the same time to boost profits per sale. You can raise a lot of money per sale by simply selling things people need.
Treating your supporters fairly results in high participation and repeat performances.
Since EVERYONE needs our products, you can sell to motels, offices, daycares, churches, restaurants and many other smaller local businesses.  This means you can reach out to supporters outside of the typical friends and families.  Your profits can be as high as your motivation.

Useful, Unique, Practical



Raise Strong Profits Selling Products People Need.