Do You Need a Unique Fundraising Idea?

Are you tired of selling junk food, wrapping paper, or other overpriced products no one really needs?

It’s Easy to Raise Money When You Sell Products People Need at Great Prices!


PaperFunds has new fundraising programs! Unique, sensible and practical fundraising ideas for every group – large and small!

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Fundraising Cover Letter

Free Customized Fundraising Cover Letter



STRONG PROFITS  -  Raise up to 40% profits with high participation levels!

EASY TO SELL  -  EVERYONE USES THESE PRODUCTS!  It's easy to sell things people are already planning to buy!

NO MINIMUM ORDER -  FREE DELIVERY with every $2,000+ order.

SELL ONLINE -  Over 200 products EVERYONE uses on a daily basis.  Ship directly to anyone anywhere in the country!

EASY TO RUN  -  We provide FREE Customized Cover Letters, Order Forms and Envelopes and assemble them for you ready to hand out.  We also provide reminders and other materials designed to help you get the word out and keep your group organized.  We work hard every step of the way to ensure your program is a huge success!

Toilet paper, paper towels, batteries, trash bags, laundry soap, dish soap, cleaning supplies, and more.  Do you know anyone that doesn't use these?  

Why not sell them at great prices and raise strong profits for simply selling products that people are going to buy soon anyway.  

Please call 941-702-4682 or use the website sign-up to book your fundraiser!

It’s time for a change in fundraising!

Change Fundraising Fundraising Ideas

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EZSTAX T-Shirt Organizer

Pull a shirt from the middle without making a mess!