Practical Product Fundraising

Raise Money Selling Products People Need at Great Prices!

Fundraising with products people need just makes sense.  We've put together a list of household necessities at great prices which will ensure that there is something for everyone to purchase.  Based on our standard product mix and pricing, you'll earn between 25% and 40% by simply selling things people need to buy anyway.  If you'd like to change the product mix or pricing, we can do that too.  Just give us a call!

  • Brand Names including Charmin, Glad, Bounty, Ivory and Duracell
  • Value Brands Offer a Great Deal on Bulk Products
  • Fundraising Products Everybody Needs
  • Disposable Necessities = A Repeatable Fundraising Program
  • Non-Perishable – Easy to Store
  • Full Service Fundraiser - We Will Put Together Your Order Forms and Cover Letters and Ship to You Ready to Hand Out!

It's time for a change in fundraising!  You CAN raise money without having to sell overpriced junk food and other garbage!

Our Practical Product Fundraiser is the perfect solution for those groups looking to raise money in a unique AND sensible way. Raise money by simply providing your supporters with products they would be buying on their own anyway.  Your supporters will thank you for offering them products they actually need!

Affordable Prices! Strong Profits!

Practical-Product-FundraisingAll of our products are of great quality and value and priced to beat the grocery store. It’s easy to raise money when you sell things everybody needs at great prices. A true win/win

fundraiser for schools, sports leagues, and other groups of all sizes!

We can create a customized cover letter to help you explain why you're raising money, your critical dates, any prizes being offered, or any other personal message you'd like to include.  We print them in house and staple them to your order forms, and send them to you free of charge so you can focus on motivating your group.  For larger groups, we've also done banners and other materials to help you promote your fundraising program (see the Program Sign up Page for more details).

Please check out the Program Elements on this page for more information on how our fundraisers work.

Running one of our programs is easy.  We will provide you with everything you need and help you to market your sales drive every step of the way.  We have facebook templates, email blasts, and other forms of communication that you can take advantage of to keep your group on track and help them to sell to everyone they know.

Give us a call at 941-485-2539 with any questions or head to the Program Sign up Page to book your fundraiser today!

Fundraising with products people need makes dollars and sense!

For a printable Program Overview, please click here.


A Boardwalk Bathroom Tissue

2-ply, 500 sheets/roll

96 rolls/case

100% Recycled Content

$42 $31.50 $10.50 (25%)
B Charmin Basic Big Roll, 1-Ply, White, 264 Sheets Per Roll 20 Rolls/Pack $20 $16.00 $4.00 (20%)
C Kleenex Facial Tissue

White, 2-ply, 125 sheets/box

12 boxes/case $26 $20.80 $5.20 (20%)
D Boardwalk Paper Towel

2-ply, 85 sheet/roll

30 rolls/case $32 $24.00 $8.00 (25%)
E Bounty Select-a-Size Paper Towel

2-ply, white, 70 sheets/roll

8 rolls/Pack $17 $13.60 $3.40 (20%)
F Glad Drawstring Large Trash Bags

30 Gallon, black

90 bags/box $25 $20.00 $5.00 (20%)
G Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Trash Bags

Tall, 13 Gallon white, drawstring

100 bags/box $21 $16.80 $4.20 (20%)
H Palmolive VALUE SIZE Dishwashing liquid. Includes four 90oz bottles. 4 Bottles/Case $35 $26.25 $8.75 (25%)
I Arm & Hammer Dual HE Clean-Burst

Liquid Laundry Detergent, 210 oz

2 bottles/case $36 $27.00 $9.00 (25%)
J Arm & Hammer Essentials Dryer Sheets, Mountain Rain, 144 Sheets/Box 6 Boxes/Carton $34 $25.50 $8.50 (25%)
K Duracell Procell AAA 24 Batteries $14 $8.40 $5.60 (40%)
L Duracell Procell AA 24 Batteries $14 $8.40 $5.60 (40%)
M Ultra Palmolive eco+ Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Gel, Lemon, 75oz Bottle 6 Bottles/Carton $34 $27.20 $6.80 (20%)
N Boardwalk Ziplock Sandwich Bags 500 bags/box $16 $11.20 $4.80 (30%)
O Boardwalk Ziplock Gallon Bags 250 bags/box $30 $21.00 $9.00 (30%)
BFB Duracell Procell 9-Volt 12 Batteries $24 $14.40 $9.60 (40%)
BFB Duracell Procell C 12 Batteries $18 $10.80 $7.20 (40%)
BFB Duracell Procell D 12 Batteries $18 $10.80 $7.20 (40%)
BFB BATTERY BUNDLE 1 EA. ALL BATT $84 $52.80 $31.20 (37%)
X Economy Bundle A, D, I, N $124 $93.70 $30.30 (24%)
Y Brand Name Bundle B, C, E, G, H, K $130 101.85 $28.15 (22%)
Z Kitchen Sink Bundle B thru O (no D) $316 $242.15 $73.85 (23%)
  ALL OTHER PRODUCTS ONLINE   15% direct to customer, 20% bulk delivered