Practical Products ONLINE!

Raise Money Selling Products People Need at Great Prices!

Raise money by using our online fundraising program with over 200 products people use every day.  Fundraising with products people need just makes sense.  Our online program makes it easy for groups large or small to raise money selling to everyone they know across the country.

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Orders can be shipped two ways:

1)  Direct to your supporter:  If your supporter chooses to have their order shipped directly to their house, they are charged a small delivery fee and you earn 15% of their purchase price.

2)  Bulk shipping:  If you enable a bulk shipping date (your option), you can take delivery of multiple orders to one location.  You will earn between 20% and 40% of all orders shipped directly to you (see attachment for details).  Bulk orders totalling $2,000 or more will be shipped to for free.  Smaller orders will be charged a small delivery fee not to exceed $100.

  • TONS of Brand Name and Value Brand Products to Choose From
  • Fundraising Products Everybody Needs
  • Disposable Necessities = A Repeatable Fundraising Program
  • Non-Perishable – Easy to Store so Your Supporters Can Stock Up
  • Easy to Run - We'll Help You with Tools to Spread the Word

It's time for a change in fundraising!  You CAN raise money without having to sell overpriced junk food and other garbage!

Our Practical Product Fundraiser is the perfect solution for those groups looking to raise money in a unique AND sensible way. Raise money by simply providing your supporters with products they would be buying on their own anyway.  Your supporters will thank you for offering them products they actually need!

Just fill out our simple online form and you can begin raising money today!