How it Works

How to Run our Fundraisers


Call PaperFunds to book your fundraiser at 941-485-2539 or use the Sign Up Page (preferred method) in this website.

We send you free full color order forms and collection envelopes, notification templates, samples, and other marketing materials and help you design your sales drive.

Your sales drive should be run for two to four weeks – you can use our forms to rally your participants during the drive and remind them when its time to turn in their order forms.

Collect your participants’ order forms and funds, tally their orders and submit your order to PaperFunds.

Your products will arrive about 3 weeks after you place your order.

On delivery day, take delivery of your products and distribute them to your participants.

Pat everyone on the back for running a successful and sensible fundraiser!

Rollin' on Delivery Day

Rollin’ on Delivery Day

A Different Delivery Day

While it is ultimately up to each organization to decide how to distribute the products to their supporters, it’s a good idea to consider a distribution system that utilizes a single location for delivery acceptance and supporter distribution. For instance a car line or bus loop.

Our deliveries are made by truck with lift gate service where your products will be lowered to the ground and pulled to a nearby location of your choosing.  Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to understand this part of the process better.

Delivery can be handled quickly and easily with a few volunteers.

Click here for a copy of our Program Overview or here to have us send you a Free Information Kit