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Your Fundraiser in the News

Running a PaperFunds program tends to get some attention.  Not only are you doing something that's unique and different, you are also doing something that is good for your community.  News stations and other media love the idea of a fundraiser that doesn't operate by overcharging people for junk food and are often excited to cover your fundraising event.  See below for a few links to news articles and clips.



"If you are looking for a USABLE and AFFORDABLE fund raiser.  Look no further than here!!  An excellent and profitable product that will not go to waste.  Customer service is Wonderful!! A pleasure to do business with.  I am looking forward to next year!!"

AJ Puckett

Community Christian School

Connersville, Indiana"

"Dear Sami & Joe

On behalf of Venice Christian School let me say what a pleasure it has been to work with you on the PaperFunds Fundraiser.  It truly has been the easiest moneymaker I have ever been involved with.  I cannot say enough for the way your company has supported us every step of the way.  From the “pre-fundraiser announcement” to product delivery, you have been there to answer all of my questions and make sure we had everything covered.

The products are easy to sell especially considering the many positives for the environmentally conscious consumer.  In economic times like these it is nice to be able to offer our parents with products they already need and use on a daily basis at such reasonable prices.

Your suggestion on allowing our parents to purchase for local charities was genius!  We were able to provide local organizations with much needed supplies and earn profits for our school at the same time.  That’s what I call a “Win/Win”!

We are truly looking forward to running this again in the fall.


Christie Stevenson

Parent Teacher Fellowship President"


Thank you so much for your help with the Beta Club Fundraiser!  Delivery went well as did distribution. I am hoping that we can try the fundraiser again next year.

Thanks again,"



"Dear Sam and Joe:

PaperFunds exceeded our expectations by far! What a unique and practical way to raise money for the Montessori School of Waukesha.  I was mostly impressed with how smoothly things ran, our paper products arrived exactly on time, and delivery was simple as could be!  We even unloaded the entire truck with only 4 volunteers.  The staff at PaperFunds was always available to help along the way. We will continue to use PaperFunds as our early spring fundraiser. We love how sensible, green, and profitable it is!  Thank you!


Megan Moe

Fundraising Coordinator

Montessori School of Waukesha"


"Hi Joe!
Thank you for all of your help and support during our fundraiser!  I really appreciate all the personal attention we received.  The brochures, banner, envelopes, pdf files, everything that you provided to us made our sale easy to conduct.  The product arrived at the specified time and was easy to unload.  We sold 10 cases in the parking lot to people who were driving by wondering what we were doing ~ so we did not have a problem with selling the extra product we had to order to meet the pallet requirements.
We highly recommend PaperFunds to other groups who are looking for something 'different and unique' to sell!
It was a pleasure working with you.  Thanks again!
~Theresa Chester

Monterey High School Band Boosters