Green Products

100% Recycled Paper Products for Fundraising


Raise Money Selling 100% Recycled Content Eco-Friendly Paper Products

We chose Spring Grove 100% recycled toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissue because they offer a perfect blend of quality and value and help make a perfect eco-friendly fundraiser.  Please see our Toilet Paper Fundraiser for more information.

We bulk deliver your products via common carrier enabling us to cut out the retailing overhead which translates into higher profits for your organization and a healthier planet.

Save trees and plant trees all while raising money!

Did you know? If everyone in the country switched out just one 500 sheet roll of virgin toilet paper for recycled toilet paper it would save about 424,000 trees!

Please see our line of Green products on as well.  All can be sold online!

PaperFunds commitment to the environment doesn't stop at just helping people to switch to fully sustainable paper products!  PaperFunds, through the Arbor Day Foundation, will plant a treeon behalf of your group in a national forest to further reward your environmentally conscious decision for every bundle of 100% Recycled Spring Grove products purchased.  .

Making a difference has never been so easy!