EZSTAX™ Closet Organizing System Fundraiser


PaperFunds is the only authorized fundraising distributor for EZSTAX.  

This innovative new product helps people stay organized in their closets, dresser drawers, laundry rooms, suitcases and offices!  


EZSTAX T-Shirt Organizer

Pull a shirt from the middle without making a mess!

EZSTAX innovative interlocking dividers separate clothes so you can pull an item from the middle without making a mess out of the rest. 

If your closet looks like this (admit it - you know it does)...

Messy Shirts

Pulling a Shirt From the Middle Makes a Big Mess.

EZSTAX can help you keep it looking like this...

EZSTAX Organizes Closets

EZSTAX Organizes Closets

If you'd like more information or if you'd like to purchase and try EZSTAX before committing to the fundraiser, please visit http://ezstax.com.  

We can combine the EZSTAX fundraiser with any of our other fundraising programs, or you can run it as it's own stand alone program.  We will provide full color order forms and custom marketing materials to help you ensure your program is a success.

  • Raise 40% of the retail value (retail is $23 for a pack of 20 so you raise $9.20 per pack).    
  • Free shipping on orders of 150 or more packs ($2 per unit otherwise).
  • Low minimum purchase of 50 packs. 
  • We can drop ship direct to your supporters for $8 per package.

EZSTAX is such a great product it sells itself!  

You can also show people this video to help explain what EZSTAX can do for them: