Batteries for Bucks

Raise Money With Our Duracell Procell Battery Fundraiser – Powerful Fundraising!

  • Small Package
  • Strong Profits
  • Disposable Necessities = Repeatable Fundraiser

You don't need to sell candy in order to raise money with a small product!  Make a change and sell a product EVERYONE needs!  It's a perfect fundraiser for schools and other groups that want to get the products home via buses and backpacks!

Everyone needs and uses batteries and these Duracell ProCell® batteries are top of the line. Best part is, you get to raise money while selling them at a price that beats the grocery store!

Looks like it’s time for your supporters to change their smoke detectors, remotes, cameras, flashlights, and game controllers and stock up on a product that has a reported shelf life of at least 7 years!

Perfect for fundraising for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and any small or large group looking for an easy to distribute product that EVERYONE NEEDS!

Raise 40% on every sale.  You can also combine this with an online fundraiser!

Please see the program overview for profits and pricing.



Low Prices - Strong Profits - Battery Fundraiser

Duracell Procell AAA 24 Batteries $14 $8.40 $5.60 (40%)
Duracell Procell AA 24 Batteries $14 $8.40 $5.60 (40%)
Duracell Procell 9-Volt 12 Batteries $24 $14.40 $9.60 (40%)
Duracell Procell C 12 Batteries $18 $10.80 $7.20 (40%)
Duracell Procell D 12 Batteries $18 $10.80 $7.20 (40%)


This unique fundraising program is especially great for schools and youth groups that need a fundraising product with a small package size so it can easily be brought home via bus or backpack!

Doctors, firemen and other professionals have come to rely on these powerful batteries with specifications that meet or exceed the standard Coppertop® batteries. Make sure to ask your local professionals if they need some too!

We can customize your order forms and send them to you free of charge together with other materials to help you promote your fundraising program (see the Program Sign up Page for more details).  If you'd like to see an example, please click the below links:

Batteries for Bucks Order Form

Please check out the Program Elements on this page for more information on how our fundraisers work.

Running one of our programs is easy.  We will provide you with everything you need and help you to market your sales drive every step of the way.  Give us a call at 941-485-2539 with any questions or visit the Program Sign up Page to book your program today!

Everyone needs and stores batteries!  How can you not be successful selling a top of the line product at a great price?